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Policies & Resources

Please view or download any of the below policies and resources to assist you.
If you have any questions please contact us

Participant/Student Handbook

Our student/ participate guide containing necessary information about our training courses. This document contains images which may use more ink on a home printer.

Enrolment & Training Terms including Conditions

The purpose of this policy applies to the Australian Lifesaver Training Online Training service when it is used as an online ordering facility for the purchase of online training, enrolling into a course or for the completion of pre-course work, course assessment work prior to face to face training. Both in public courses and onsite training.

Participant/Student Support Services

List of support services with contact and website details. Please download and refer to as needed. (PDF format)

Participant/Student Complaints and Appeals

Step 1. If you have a complaint or appeal please download our Complaints and-Appeals Policy.

Step 2. Once you have downloaded and have read the Complaints and Appeals Policy above, and would like to submit a complaint. Please download our Complaints Appeals form and submit the details to us. Please refer to the form for contact details or click here.

Participant/Student Complaints and Appeals

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear direction to Australian Lifesaver Training policy and procedures, relating to fees, refunds and cancellations. This does not pertain to licensed partners if applicable (third party trainers) that are not employed or contracted by us directly. Please contact your third-party trainer or visit their website to review their policy.